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Crossed ₹1 Crore in sales for my POD business in 63 days

Vinu Somarajan, Kerala

Building a business by yourself isn’t easy

In 2017, I wanted to build a business that would make me passive income in a long term and sustainable way.

I wanted to build a business that would help me make the kind of money I wanted so that I could travel the world and work from anywhere.

I wanted to build a business that would help me financially secure myself and my family.

I wanted to build a hassle free business that I could start with a ₹1L-2L startup capital, without worrying about setting up a team, manufacturing unit or delivery system.

And I wanted to start trusting myself again because I had lost trust in myself after several failed attempts at building online businesses.

Since 2017, our POD business has made a profit of ₹7 Crores.

And is currently making an average profit of ₹7-9L/month. With just one employee and all manufacturing, production and delivery being taken care off by our vendors and suppliers on automation.

On top of this, our students have done over ₹50 Crores in revenue combined for their own international POD businesses that they started from scratch through our mentorship program, without any background in business or digital marketing.

You need the right strategy and guidance to build your business

Why Work with Us?

Proven experience

We are the only eCommerce POD program in India that’s been successfully running for 4 years+.

Proof of results

Our mentorship program has created ₹50Cr+ in revenue for students.

Practicing the preach

And we proudly practice what we preach with our POD business making ₹7-9Lacs/mon in profit

Some success stories

Priyank has done over ₹7 Crores in revenue for his POD business in the last 1 year

Shubham has done over ₹2.5 Crores in revenue for his international POD business

Vinu has done over ₹1 Crores in revenue for his POD business in 63 days.

Tauseef has done over ₹7 Crores in revenue for his POD business

Arun has done over ₹3 Crores in revenue for his POD business

Devesh has done over ₹1.2 Crores in revenue for his POD business

Aditi has done over ₹1 Crore in revenue for her POD business

What you get from the program

Through our group mentorship program, The POD Powerhouse, you’re going to get access to the following:

A Step By Step Detailed Training Course

that contains videos, action steps and details about building POD brands in 2023. Exactly like we did, our students have done and we still are doing right now. The course will teach you everything from scratch.

Access to 3-months of weekly 101 group coaching calls

with me and my business partner Mukul. Mukul’s been running his own POD business that’s done over ₹16 Cr in revenue for him (₹3 Crore Profit). And guess what, he’s a living proof of our work because he started his POD journey with us through our first mentorship program in 2019.

Access to our members-only community for 3 months

to keep in touch with your co-batch members, our team and us. So that we all stay connected 24X7 through chats for 3 months and you can ask questions/get feedback/advice from us whenever you want.

And there’s more

We’re giving away 3 bonuses for the current batch for the program:

Cosmic Community

For the current batch of the PODP, we’re giving away lifetime access to the members-only community. 

This means that you would continue being in touch with your co-batch members and us through the community even after 3 months.

Rowdy Rolodex

You’re going to get access to our recommended CA firm that understands eCom businesses, our recommended ad agency in case you want to outsource your ads later, our recommended designers and more contacts as we proceed ahead.

Radiant Resources

You’re going to get access to the PnL Format we use for our own eCom business, Our Top Recommended Niches that are working right now, Top Design Examples to get inspiration from, Top recommended Credit Card Companies, 10 POD Store examples to get inspired from and the Apps we use and recommend for POD businesses.

Enrolments are now open

Meet the Mentors

Nishkarsh Sharma

Started his first international POD store in 2017. Over ₹35Cr+ in POD sales. ₹50Cr+ in student sales.

Mukul Mishra

Started his first international POD store in 2019. Over ₹16Cr+ in POD sales.

Some success stories

Archit has done over ₹1 Crore in revenue for his international POD business

Aman has done over ₹1 Crore in revenue for his POD business

Rohan has done over ₹1 Crore in revenue for his POD business

Imran has done over ₹1 Crore in revenue for his POD business


What happens after I pay?

You will receive an invite from our program hosting platform called Teachable. Follow the email, create your Teachable account and you’ll have access to the program.

If you face any hiccups in getting access to the program after paying, just email us on [email protected]. We’ll sort it out for you in 24 hours.

What startup capital do we recommend for your POD brand?

We recommend a startup capital of ₹1-2Lacs.

Will I need more capital after spending 1L-2L? 

We’ll be honest. You might need more, you might not. You’ll be building a proper legitimate business and there are no guarantees that you’re going to become profitable with any sort of capital. What we can give you is averages.

Because in the end, success with your POD business will depend on your consistency, persistence, mindset, patience and hard work.

What we can definitely guarantee is if you stay persistent, take action, don’t give up, ask questions and implement what we recommend, you’ll get profitable for sure.

It’s best to have ₹1Lacs-2Lacs available with you right now.

You will tentatively spend in the following ways:
Month1: Rs.10k-20k | Getting designs created for your POD store
Month2: Rs.50-75k I Running FB Ads to drive customers to your store
Month3: Rs.50-Rs.75k I Running FB Ads to drive customers to your store

In how much time will I become profitable?

We’ve seen that our students who do what we ask them to do, take consistent action and don’t settle, are able to get profitable within 5-6 months of starting their brands.

How much time should I have in hand to build a POD business?

We recommend you to start by spending 30-60 minutes a day in building your business and eventually taking the time investment to 1-2 hours/day to maintain momentum. 

What exactly do I get after I pay?

You will get lifetime access to the PODP course and all updates made to the PODP course.
You will get 3-months of weekly group coaching calls with Mukul and Nishkarsh.
You will get 3-months of access to the community.
As a bonus for the current batch, you’re also going to get lifetime access to the community.

How will you support me after 3-months?

You will keep lifetime access to the PODP Course. And will be given lifetime access to the members only community wherein you’ll keep in touch with us and other batch members.

What language will the program be in?

It’s in English. But the interactions in the community or the weekly QnA calls can be in Hindi too.

What if this doesn’t work and I don’t make any money?

The only reason this is not going to work is going to be if you don’t take action or give up. The business model has been tried, tested and conquered by 100s of our students in the last 4 years. We believe you can do the same. 

Should I go for the Indian market or the US market?

Both markets are great. We teach Indian and International POD inside the program. If you want a faster ROI, start with Indian POD.

What are the average profit margins with this business? Are they enough?

10-20% is the average profit margin in the eCommerce business altogether. Like all other scalable product based businesses. This seems low to some people, but the average margins in any scalable business are usually around these numbers. We’ve been operating at a 15-20% net margin all these years.

Is POD limited to just T-Shirts?

Nope. Although T-shirts sell the most, POD is not just limited to TShirts. You can sell 100s of other products like mugs, phone cases, paintings, wall art, bed sheets, mouse pads, dresses, shoes and a lot more. 

Will you review my designs or ads?

Yes, you can get a review on your website/ads through the weekly QnA calls or the members-only community. 

How will you support me if I get stuck somewhere?

1. Weekly Group QnA zoom sessions with Mukul and Nishkarsh for 3 months.
2. Members Only community group chat support

Can I run this business while doing my job?

Absolutely. Most of our students start building their POD businesses along with their full-time jobs.

What’s the program curriculum?

The program has been divided into multiple modules as follows:

Module1: Introduction

In this module you’ll learn how POD works and the mindset you’re going to need to succeed with it.

Module2: Research

In this module you’ll learn how to find designs with winning potential, how to get them made and how to come up with your own quotes and design ideas.

Module3: Building your brand store and connecting suppliers

In this module you’ll learn how to completely build your own eCommerce store using Shopify and connecting it to recommended automated suppliers.

Module4: Marketing with FB/IG Ads

In this module you’ll learn how to set up, run and scale effective Fb/IG ads from scratch.

Module5: Leveling Up

In this module you’ll learn how to make more money from your existing customers, how to get lost customers back and how to run operations for your store with simple systems.

What if I’m not able to pay using the payment methods mentioned?

We got you covered. Send us an email on [email protected] and we’ll share alternatives with you.

If the POD business is doing so well for you, why are you teaching it and creating competition?

2 Reasons:

#1: The market’s really big

We’ve been teaching the same model for 4 years now and it’s not affected our business a bit. The reason’s simple: the market is very big and growing.

And every student we teach ends up building something unique.

Because every student holds a unique personality, unique ideas, interests and ends up walking their own path.

It’s like being taught the same things in school but eventually getting into different professions altogether.

The fundamentals are the same for sure, but the way the market reacts and the decisions you take in terms of choosing a niche, quotes, designs, country and products are going to be very unique to you.

#2: We make money doing what we love

We love teaching. I’ve been personally teaching since my days in college (2012) and absolutely love it. And a lot of people say that they love the way I make things simple and break processes down into practical actionable steps.

And ofcourse, teaching is another business we run. We make money from it. And we absolutely love it.

Will we have live classes? What time will the QnAs be at?

No. We teach you through our pre-recorded training video course and answer your questions through the community and live Zoom sessions.

So this way you can learn and work on your business whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for live classes to happen.

When you join the POD Powerhouse, you get access to:

1. A Pre Recorded Video Course
So you can see the videos and take action whenever you want.

2. A Closed Community
You can raise your questions in the community whenever you want and one of us will be there to help you.

3. Live Q&A Sessions for 3 months
These sessions happen every Monday at 6 PM. If you’re not able to join them, no worries, because we share the replays after every QnA.

And students who’re not able to show up in the QnAs don’t face any trouble because they either catch up with the replays or get answers from us directly in the community. We’ve got 2 moderators (ex students) and then there’s Mukul and I.

Enrolments are now open