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Beyond being the driving force behind the clothing brand, Kalmin Ross, I’m passionate about empowering aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Through both my free content and exclusive mentorship programs, I guide you in establishing thriving eCommerce businesses. You can read my story here.

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Discover the world of selling printed products, ranging from apparel like t-shirts and hoodies to mugs, posters, and more. The best part? All the heavy lifting of manufacturing, printing, and delivery is efficiently managed by a POD Fulfilment company. This means zero inventory hassles and low start-up costs.

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Successfully running my POD drop-shipping venture since 2017, boasting a whopping ₹35 Crores in revenue.

Guided numerous aspirants in establishing their POD businesses since 2019, cumulatively generating over ₹50 Crores in student revenue.

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General Drop-Shipping

Explore the vast realm of selling an array of non-printed products. Whether it’s electronics, fashion accessories, beauty items, or home essentials, traditional drop-shipping covers it all. And, similar to POD, the on-demand delivery model ensures minimal investment and no inventory concerns.

Store examples


Collaborated with a seasoned partner and escalated his Indian venture from ₹40 Crores in all-time revenue to ₹1.8Cr/month in just 30 days!

Guided countless aspirants in establishing their drop-shipping businesses since 2019, resulting in over ₹90 Crores in combined student sales.

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