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Before sending me an email please go through the frequently asked questions I usually get:

Can you review my website/designs/ads? 

Reviewing websites/designs/ads is a time consuming process. I’d recommend you to join my free community and utilize the regular Q&A sessions I do to get my feedback.

For FB Ad Reviews I’d recommend you to reach out to my partner on Instagram

Can I meet you? 

I don’t do physical meetings. The best way to interact with me is through sending me an email. I usually reply to all emails I receive within 72 hours.

You can join my free community and newsletter to be notified about our upcoming physical meetups.

Can I talk to you on a call?

It’s practically impossible for me to get on calls with everybody. However, I do offer paid consulting calls. Let me know what you need help with and I’ll let you know if I can help you through a consulting call and the cost for it.

How much capital does it take to build an eCommerce business?

You can go through this article I wrote to answer this question in detail.

I want to join your mentorship program. How does it work?

I run a group mentorship program about running international and Indian print on demand drop-shipping businesses from India. It’s called POD Powerhouse. You can join the email waiting list to get emails from me whenever we’re ready to open enrolments for the next batch. The waiting list gets a special price and a bunch of bonuses from our side when we open enrolments. You can join the waitlist here

Is your mentorship program free or paid?

It’s paid. If you wish to learn from me for free, please learn from my YouTube videos, Free Community and free guides.

We’ve got a brand collaboration for you.

Please send me the details via email. Please keep my social media management agency, Winner Media, in CC ([email protected]

Want to invite you for an event/interview/gig 

Go through my speaking page here.

The best way to reach out to me is through my personal email.

Please ensure that you’ve read the FAQs above before you reach out:

Simply drop an email to [email protected]