You’d receive an email in the next 15 mins with login instructions.

Note: Community access will be provided to you between Monday to Friday. Please allow us 24 hours to get back to you after you follow the process mentioned in the ‘welcome’ video on Teachable to get access to the community.

Here’s what’s next:

Through our group mentorship program, The POD Powerhouse, you’ve gotten access to the following:

Course Access

You’ll receive your Teachable login credentials on your registered email ID within 5 minutes. Follow the email to get access to the PODP Course.


You’d be able to find the bonuses in the Teachable Members area itself.

Community & Weekly Calls

The welcome video on Teachable explains the process to get access to the members-only Discord community and weekly QnA calls. Please follow it and do as directed to get inside the community right away!

Reach out at incase of any questions.