Speaking from the Heart, Striking a Chord

True words, straight from the heart.

Nishkarsh speaks with passion, making every talk memorable.


Growing up amidst financial hardships in Delhi, Nishkarsh faced bankruptcy early in his business journey.

Undaunted, he pivoted to a successful animation venture, achieved $5M in eCommerce revenue, and launched an international brand.

With 4,000+ students trained and 50 crores in their sales, alongside a 200k-strong online audience, his passion for teaching and sharing stands testament to resilience and ambition. Let him inspire your audience with his compelling story.

What Nishkarsh loves to speak about


Turning challenges into business victories.


Crafting global digital marketplaces, one click at a time.

Personal Branding

Creating a unique mark in a crowded world.


Empowering minds, shaping the future.


Enhancing lives through genuine service and seamless transactions

₹50 Crores

Revenue Generated


Social Media Following


People Trained

English, Hindi


Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my journey and insights on various podcasts and interviews. Here’s a glimpse into some of those candid conversations.

Want To Invite Nishkarsh For A Talk?

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