A man needs wisdom to understand a woman’s beauty

Most people judge a woman’s beauty through the way she looks. Her hair, her eyes, her body elements, her voice, the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she smiles and a lot other ways.

Now, the thing is, all of these things are either biologically gifted to women through their parents or in some cases by doctors through cosmetic practices.

In a lot of cases, these things can also be built and cultivated through practice, money, hard work and skills. Through things like working out, make up and the right choice of clothing.

The way we look definitely matters and yes, that’s how we mostly get hooked to a person the first time we see them.

But, there’s something way more deep, precious, rare and indeed beautiful that can not be bought or built.

Something that’s not external.

Something that’s deep inside a woman. In her soul.

It’s in the way she feels. The energy she radiates. And the endless ocean of love she has flowing inside her.

She silently waits to shower that love to the ones she feels are worthy.

She cares, like no man ever can.

She loves in ways that can melt the hardest of men.

She always radiates purity, beauty, care and love. You just need to notice.

When she asks you to stay, she doesn’t want you stop you from doing what you want.

When she asks you to stop doing something, she doesn’t want to control you. She cares for you and knows that you’ll not listen. But, she still makes efforts to stop you from doing the wrong things.

She takes care of you. She ensures that you stay happy and fine.

And at the same time, she hustles, she works hard without needing any validation or urges to show off.

She manages a 100 things. And we as men, fail to manage 2.

She faces tremendous pain every month.

She gives birth by bearing pain that’s similar to the pain one feels when they break 30 bones, all at once.

She gets ready, looks beautiful, because she just wants to be her beautiful self.

She wants love, she wants appreciation, she wants us to notice the art of being her.

A woman’s beauty if way more deep than just what’s external. What you can see, is just the tip of the ice berg.

Her true beauty, is in the way she is. And the way she feels.

In the way she loves and cares. In the way she makes you feel.

Stop judging her based on things that are either biological or can be built.

Notice who she is, deep inside. Just pause and notice.

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