I started playing Lawn Tennis and here’s what’s next

Almost a month back I opened up about my major health realisations. And I also shared that I will act on it.

In this post, I want to share the progress with my fitness journey.

I wanted to get myself involved in a physical activity that I’d enjoy and would make my body move lol.

I’ve been to the gym a 100 times and discontinued it. I’ve done the same with running and home based exercises.

So this time, I decided to play a sport. And of all the sports, I picked lawn tennis.

I had never played lawn tennis in my entire life but always wanted to give it a shot. I did some searches and found a tennis coach near my location. Spoke to a few of them and finalised the one that suited my schedule.

I joined the academy 2 weeks back and today I completed 10 days of actively learning and playing tennis.

I’ve never been coached on playing a sport since my days at school.

I used to play hockey and roller hockey while being in school. Was also a part of our roller hockey team that competed at many inter-school events.

It is definitely such a pleasure to start playing a sport again.

After 3 days of playing tennis, I spoke to my friend and business partner Mukul about this. Mukul, his brother and father have been playing tennis for almost a decade now. And I really look up to all three of them for their levels of fitness and cosistency.

He shared something that made me feel happy about my decision of playing a sport. He said:

“Pick a physical activity that you can pursue even when you’re in your 50s and 60s. And you know you won’t get bored of it”

And yes, it did make sense. For me, personally, going to the gym, running on treadmills or just running around the park gets boring. And eventually I leave these practices.

I wanted to go for a sport that would be unpredictable and have a learning experience for me. Every ball that you hit takes a different trajectory.

Every ball that my coach hits towards me has a different path. The game makes me run, prepare and pushes me to get better.

I also started practicing with my society wall on days when my classes don’t happen.

I feel it’s just a start and I’m really liking what I’m doing.

I’ll continue sharing my journey on my blog and keeping the world accountable.

Apart from involving myself into a physical activity, I also have to start focussing on eating clean.

I’ve been a big time foodie. Food has been my dopamine and exit for stress. I’m not very proud of this, but yeah, the child inside me really loves it.

At the same time, I also know that it’s not good for me.

Those tasty, warm and moist momos do no good to my body.

Same for the crunchy and juicy tacos. Or the pizzas that make me drool.

My next area of focus for my fitness is going to be my diet. I’ll make a post about this once I have some momentum and things to share.

Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey.

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