Nishkarsh Sharma

Nishkarsh Sharma

How Print on Demand Works


POD is an eCommerce business model which involves the following: Lets dive deeper into these 4 elements in detail: 1. Products In the POD model you can sell products like: Here are some categories you can explore: 2. Designs These…

How to pick a country to sell in

You can sell in whichever country or location you want. A successful and profitable eCommerce brand can be built by selling in any country. But, there are some factors that must be kept in mind before you make a choice.…

How eCommerce works

How eCommerce work

E-commerce is a very broad term. When I say eCommerce, I simply mean online businesses that sell physical products. An eCommerce business runs on 4 major pillars: Products are the centre point of any eCommerce business. These products can be…