How to find trending e-commerce products

In this post I’ll share a simple process that you can follow anytime you want to find what’s trending in the eCommerce, drop-shipping or print on demand space at any given time.

I’m also going to share the #1 tool use and recommend to find trending products..

The biggest mistake I see people make is relying on blogs or YouTubers to find trending products. Whereas in reality, one can see what’s trending all by themselves. My definition of a trending product is anything that’s going viral and highly profitable right now.

And to find the products that are doing really well in the moment we need to have access to a real-time library of ADS that are being run by eCommerce brand owners.

To do this, we’ll make use of an ad spy tool like Big Spy. I’ve been using Big Spy for years now. And it is really cost effective and easy to use. And just solves the purpose. Also, they give you a few free searches so you can get a gist of how the platform works and upgrade to their basic plan, which is $9/mon.

The idea is to find Facebook ads that were created in the last 30 days and sort the results by popularity or likes/shares to judge the viral-quotient of the products.

Lets do this step by step:

Step1: Head over to BigSpy and create an account

Step2: Search and apply these filters

After you’re done creating an account head over to AdSpy. Under ad spy you must filter the results this way:

  • Location: Add your target location
  • Objective: Add ad objective (Buy Now for direct eCom ads)
  • Date: Last 30 days
  • Ad Type: Only New Ads (newly created in the last 30 days)
  • Sort By: Popularity

Step3: Identify trending products

Once you sort the results my popularity or likes/shares, the ads that show up on the top are promoting products that have gone viral in the selected time frame. In this case, in the last 30 days.

If in case you want to only find trending drop-shipping viral products, select the Video Ad type, because most drop-shipping products are promoted through video ads.

If incase you want to find trending Print on demand products, select the Image Ad type, because most print on demand products are promoted through image ads.

Big spy will also show you the page links of these ads. So you can visit the brand pages directly to identify the kind of price points and descriptions of these products.

You can start using Big Spy here.

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