What Movie Kantara Teaches Us About Viral Marketing

Kantara, launched this year, in 2022 has become a block buster movie.

Made with a budget of 16 Crores, the movie has grossed over 400 Crores in the worldwide box office. That’s a great return.

The movie’s received a lot of critical acclaim and has also been loved and appreciated by the masses. I personally loved the movie too.

The movie didn’t have a super star cast or a huge marketing budget, but still ended up getting viral.

The question is, what made this happen. And what can we learn from the massive success of Kantara.

The biggest marketing lesson Kantara teaches us is the importance of the product.

If you create a great product or service, which delivers great value to the target audience, it receives a lot of love, respect and appreciation.

And when people love something, they talk about it. They talk about it everywhere, from Social Media to direct 1on1 conversations on the phone.

People recommend products or services they love to other people because of these 2 main reasons: They want to give people the lovely experience they got They want to be appreciated, thanked and respected for their recommendations.

When you create a great product or service which adds massive value to peoples lives it receives the most viral form of marketing: Word Of Mouth.

Word of mouth is free. And word of mouth is huge.

Kantara managed to do this pretty well. It’s a great movie which added value to the audience by evoking emotions of thrill, love, joy, anger and passion. It entertained people really well.

Think about the most successful brands you know about. Think of the biggest brands you know about. All of them sell great products that add great value to peoples lives.

When I say value I mean anything that people like, want or love.

If you’re building a business, brand or service always focus on creating and delivering a great product. Make your product so good that people fall in love with it. This will make them come back to you over and over again.

This will make them recommend you to their peers.

This will give you free marketing.

Always remember:

An okay-ish product great marketing can fail. But, a great product with okay-ish marketing can do wonders.

Hope this helps.

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