The 3 reasons why you’re not able to make the money you want

If you’re someone who’s trying to make money online and are struggling with it, understand that it’s happening because of one of the following reasons:

1. You’ve not been able to master high income skills

Money follows skills. Be it online or offline. If you’re a person of skill, people will pay you. And your skills will reflect in your services, results and products.

When I started out online in 2012, I started a blog about making money online lol. The funny thing was that I had not made any money myself on the internet. I lacked those skills. Secondly, I couldn’t grow my blog because I lacked the skills of getting traffic and monetising my content.
Let me explain this with my own example:

I made my first dollar when I learned the skill of writing a book and publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

Crossed my first lakh after learning how to CREATE animation videos.

Crossed our first 10 Lakhs by doing the above and also learning how to SELL animation videos.

Crossed our first 1 crore by doing the above and also learning how to create a course and sell it to people. Also building a team, managing and leading people.

We then crossed our first 10 Crores by doing the above and also learning how to run FB Ads, getting great designs created and running eCom businesses.

And then crossed our first 40 Crores in sales by doing the above and also learning how to sell digital products through webinars, funnels and ads. Also how to coach people, get them results and keep them going.

Currently I’m learning the required skill sets that’ll help me grow to the next level.
It all drills down to the skills you learn along the process. And also ensuring that you don’t give up and stay consistent.

2. You’re focussing on the outcome more than the actual process

A lot of times we become so ‘outcome centric’ that we stop focussing on the process that’ll take us to that outcome.

When we focus more on the outcome rather than the process, we keep changing directions and losing our path. This happens with people so many times.

It has happened with me so many times too.

Rather what you should do is focus on the process that’s required to get to that outcome and follow that process with consistency:

3. Consistency

Once you identify the skills you want to grow and the processes you want to follow, you just got to stay consistent with them and ensure that you keep going.

Doing the same set of things can get boring. As a leader leading yourself it’s always YOUR responsibility to spark excitement and freshness in what you do. That’s where being creative comes in.

And when you stay consistent with something, you hone your skills and become a person of discipline and focus.

Here’s a simple formula to summarise this:

Money = Skills x Processes x Consistency

Hope this helps

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